"Obama is Not the President of the United States"
Barack Obama is a War Criminal. He has been a War Criminal for several years in funding, conspiring and waging Wars of Aggression. He should Not have been placed on the ballots. He should Not have been certified by the Congress. Obama should Not have been sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. These acts were unconstitutional, felonious and treasonous. Obama could be arrested at any time by the U.S. Government, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. for War Crimes and a multitude of other charges. Our political, civil and military leaders along with the mainstream media have perpetuated and built a "Big Lie" for years. It is on the scale that Hitler and the Nazis used to deceive the German people. Obama is one manifestation of that Lie.
    For those who haven't been following this I will build the case from the ground up. 
Many of the countries who have signed the Torture Treaties (about 155 countries) are preparing to arrest American War Criminals who come within their borders. We need to have a mass trial in Washington and try all of them for War Crimes. Purge the government and other leadership of the War Criminals! Purge the government and other leadership of the Murderous Fascists! It is Time to Arrest, Charge, Try and hopefully Convict the political, civil and military leaders of America most responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and murders in Pakistan! Americans, Now is the Time to come to the aid of your country!
Here are some of the crimes with which they could be charged:
A crime against peace [waging aggressive war] 
Complicity in a crime against peace
Conduct ancillary to genocide*
Crimes against humanity*
Conduct ancillary to crimes against humanity*
War Crimes [there are 33 separate war crimes listed in the legislation]* 
Conduct ancillary to war crimes*
Conspiracy to murder
Incitement to murder
Conspiracy to commit a crime against peace
Conspiracy to commit genocide 
Conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity 
Conspiracy to commit war crimes 
Conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
[* The ICC in the Hague can only prosecute these 6 categories of criminal offence.]
The following War Crimes laws need to be enforced;